Why should you get a tune up?

When your vehicle has decreased gas mileage, your vehicle seems to have lost some power, or your engine runs a bit rough when you stop, it might be time for a tune up. At Kwik Kar Auto Service, we can provide you with a tune up and get your vehicle running like its brand new again. Over time, certain components in your vehicle wear down and affect your vehicles performance. You might not need a major repair, but a tune up can improve your vehicles feel and make your drives smooth again.

Why choose us for your tune up?

At Kwik Kar Auto Service, our tune up services include maintenance like spark plug replacement begins with the inspection of fuel lines, air filters, and ignition wires. Depending on your vehicles needs, we can do more extensive tune ups such as fuel system cleanings and air filter replacements as well. If we discover any problems that require a repair during the tune up, well communicate honestly with you and inform you of your repair options. If you want to get your vehicle running smoothly again, stop by our shop today!

The Kwik Kar Auto Service Advantage:

  • Tune-ups to: Cars, Vans, Trucks, and SUVs (Domestic, Asian, European)
  • Honest, experienced, efficient technicians
  • Detailed inspections and diagnostic overview
  • Genuine original manufacturer parts/components (flexibility to select quality aftermarket parts/components)
  • ASE Blue Seal Certified
  • AAA Certified

Come experience why we’ve been serving Arlington, TX for more than 20 years. Schedule your appointment today!

Auto Tune Up in Arlington, TX