Why should you get an engine repair?

No matter where you are driving in Texas, a damaged engine means trouble. If you are having issues with your engine, then you might be getting low gas mileage, or you might notice tapping sounds coming from the engine. You don’t want to continue driving on a damaged engine because it could potentially lead to problems with other components in your vehicle. Let Kwik Kar Auto Service in Arlington take care of your engine repair needs!

Why choose us for your engine repair?

At Kwik Kar Auto Service, our skilled technicians will run comprehensive engine diagnostics to determine what exactly is ailing your engine. Once we’ve figured out whats wrong with your engine, we will communicate the problems honestly and let you know our repair recommendations. Well check immediately to see if there any problems with the valves, the crankshaft, or the firing of the pistons. We have experience with engine repairs from all types of different makes and models. Whether you need a valve seat replacement, a crank and camshaft installation, or any other type of minor or major engine repair, our team can get the job done.

The Kwik Kar Auto Service Advantage:

  • Engine Repairs to: Cars, Vans, Trucks, and SUVs (Domestic, Asian, European)
  • Honest, experienced, efficient technicians
  • Detailed inspections and diagnostic overview
  • Genuine original manufacturer parts/components (flexibility to select quality aftermarket parts/components)
  • ASE Blue Seal Certified
  • AAA Certified

Come experience why we’ve been serving Arlington, TX for more than 20 years. Schedule your appointment today!

Engine Repair in Arlington, TX